Permission Granted

Permission Granted

Security Matrix

Security Matrix

Version History

1.1 – 01/03/2013 – Fixed typo in set variable declaration, added new comments to Readme

1.0 – 11/25/2013 – First Release


This module exists for two main reasons:

  • It’s difficult if not impossible to preemptively check whether a user has permission to perform certain actions in FileMaker Pro.  Typically the developer has to let the user attempt the action and then check for errors.
  • System administrators often want an easy way to reconfigure their users access privileges.


How It Works

This module provides you with tables, scripts, a layout, and a few custom functions that make it easy for you to define a template.  Once defined, you’ll be able to insert security checks throughout your system to determine whether or not your users are supposed to perform certain actions… before they actually try to perform them (this works great for custom formatting among other things).  The layout provided makes it easy for system administrators to define permissions on a security group level (and using the template that you define for them).



  1. Copy and Paste these tables into your solution ( the users table is optional , though if you don’t use it, be sure to adjust the opening script –> “Retrieve My Security Settings” accordingly )
  2. Update the next serial number for vSecurityMatrixTemplate::zc__recordSerial__n.
    (When implementing this table into your solution, it will probably not have any records, so the next serial number should be “1”)
  3. Copy and Paste the custom functions from this file into yours
  4. Recreate the value list in your solution
  5. Copy and Paste ( or import ) the scripts in the Navigation Module in this file into your solution
  6. Copy the main layout –> “Groups” into your solution
  7. Hook up the OnFirstWindow script –> “Retrieve My Security Settings” to your solution’s OnFirstWindowOpen Script
  8. Edit the “Configure Security Matrix Template For All Users” script in the “Configuration and Setup” folder.


Download –>

User Management 4

UserManagement 4 is a solution to manage users and login procedures. Users are listed in a Filemaker table. Filemaker accounts are functional and per user group. User of the same group share the same settings. In the user table every user is assigned to a specific user group. Switching settings or groups can be done with a simple re-login.

The solution supports:

– login
– logout
– integrate your own Filemaker accounts
– integrate your own Menusets
– start and end dates for user access
– easy to enhance

In version 4 some bugs were addressed, specifically:
– fixed: landing page corrected (and an extra landing page added, to show different login scenarios for different accounts)
– fixed: upon closing the solution the active user name was deleted from the table

I just moved all downloads to a new improved website. Registration no longer is required.