Migration Assistant





This is simply a utility that will help you tally up the total record counts in each of your tables.  It will also help you identify what fields are using the auto-enter serial number option, and let you know what the next serial number is set to.  Implementing this into your ‘source’ table prior to performing a data migration usually takes only a minute or two, and can save you the headache of tracking down this valuable information manually.



Here’s what you need to do to implement it:

  1. Copy the “MigrationAssistant” table from this solution to yours
  2. Copy the “MigrationAssistant” layout from this solution to yours (or feel free to roll your own)
  3. Copy the “Migration Assisstant” script folder from this solution to yours

That’s it!
Once you’ve completed those steps, simply run the “Run Migration Assistant Report” script, and you will be presented with your own MigrationAssistant report



Please note, that compiling this report makes heavy use of the ExecuteSQL function.  While use of this function was necessary to help make this as portable as it is, its performance is not amazing.  For example – I implemented this recently into one of my larger projects (over 100 tables, many of which are fairly wide), and running the full-blown report takes somewhere around 7 minutes.  Should you suspect that you will need to run this report multiple times however, there is an optional flag which you can toggle to speed things up.

One of the first script steps in “Run Migration Assistant Report” will be to “Set Variable $refreshTableAndFieldNames”.
If after you’ve run the full report once, you decide to toggle its value to “0”, you will notice that you get your results much faster.
When set to “0”, the script will no longer dynamically grab a list of table names or field names.

Once toggled to “0”, that same script’s duration was reduced to about 1 second (down from 7 minutes).
I hope some of you will find this helpful, and maybe even offer up some suggestions as to how to improve upon this.

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