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FileMaker’s Send Mail script step allows you to send plain text emails through SMTP or the user’s mail client. You need to look beyond native functionalities if you’d like to use HTML formatting or send multiple attachments. HTML-formatted emails in particular can provide some fantastic polish to your solutions.

There are some great email plug-ins out there, but sometimes I don’t think my needs justify the cost. This module handles the following scenarios free of cost:

  • HTML-formatted content
  • Multiple attachments
  • SMTP authenticate over SSL
  • Multiple To, CC and/or BCC recipients
  • Custom From and Reply-To headers
  • Server-side compatible


Just call the “. emailPro . send” script. It takes its parameters in Let format. If you prefer to use a different parameter format, please see the ParamConverter module for an easy bridge between formats.


  • bBox plug-in (Free)
  • Mac OS only! (Sorry. bBox is only compatible with OS X. Let me know if you’d like to talk about adding compatibility for some other plug-in.)

If your server is running OS X, then you can install the plug-in there and send emails via Perform Script on Server. This option does not yet support attachments, however.


Just find a place to store the plug-in file in your solution, import the module scripts, and customize the Configuration and Settings scripts.


This project is hosted on GitHub. Download the latest release directly as a .zip package below.

Download EmailPro

Release history and previous versions are available here.