Major Face Lift Underway

A long over due, facelift is underway. We have dumped the PageLines them in favor of something less heavy handed.  Modules are now their own custom post type.  So Module authors look for you modules under the “Modules” menu.  New modules should be created there as well.  Blog posts will now just be for Blog Posts.


There is still work to do, but this is was a big first step. We now have a lots more flexibility in how things get displayed.  Hopefully we can add the sorted list views, downloads counts, and ratings soon.

Over the next few days I’ll finish getting the kinks ironed out.  Once I am done, it would be really great if the module authors could go through their modules to check to make sure everything still looks ok.  Hopefully, there won’t be too much out of whack but a once over couldn’t hurt.

Stay tunned