Browser Navigation

Overview BrowserNav adds web browser like layout navigation history and requires a single script, one custom function (Optional) and back and forward buttons.  Once the script and custom function have been added to your file, just paste the back and forward buttons onto each layout you wish to include in the navigation history and you’re done. […]


Introduction The “session model” has been used for years with FileMaker Pro, even dating back to the pre FileMaker 7 days.  Its been called many things over the years, “main table”, central file.  Essentially it is the practice of creating a record when a user logs in so that you can give each user a […]


Introduction version 1.0.3  – 4/18/2013 – switched to using LayoutIDs instead of LayoutNumber. Handling nested NavBars better. Honestly, there could be a lot more to this one. Its just a start. But it does work. 🙂  You can create navbars that are easy to style, and easy to use, and look great. Credits Bob Ellis […]


FileMaker Transactions Although it is not talked about as much as it should be, FileMaker does indeed support database transactions.  Thank goodness because sometimes you have to use them.  This module contains all the code you need to start coding using transactions.  The modules uses techniques that have been used and tested for almost a […]

Auto Quick Find

Overview Auto Quick Find is a single set of simple scripts that developers can use for find-as-you-type functionality in any context with minimal set-up. Unlike other existing approaches, this module improves perceived responsiveness by only performing finds during pauses in typing, so users don’t have to wait for find results after. Every. Keystroke. Dependencies Find […]

A view of @'s SQL clipboard

FileMaker SQL Sugar

Overview “@” (FileMaker SQL Sugar) is a power tool that sweetens the task of writing clean, readable, well-structured FileMaker SQL Makes it much easier to write powerful, unbreakable FileMaker SQL Helps developers think and code directly in native SQL Easily handles advanced SQL functions directly inline using an extensible, chainable syntax Outputs ANSI-standard queries that […]

Master Detail

Update: version 1.1.3 available 4/13/2013 UPDATE –  version 2.0 was released. Major changes. You can get it here. Overview Master Detail is module designed to make it easy for you to make Master Detail views on any FileMaker Table. Works on any found set Uses normal FileMaker sorting order. Can handle 10s of thousands of […]


Overview (Update Version 2.0.1 1/29/2014 – fixed the bug reported by Tim Anderson – more info here) (Update Version 2.0 1/8/2014 – added support for up to 5 fields, detects and uses ListOf) Post and video over at (Update 10/7/2013 – added trailing return to maintain backwards compatibility ) (Update 8/20/2013 – new and […]