MasterDetail 2.0

This a major update to Master Detail 1.0. New Features MasterDetail Portal Record Limit MasterDetail now detects the number of records in the MasterDetailRows table, and constrains the found set based on that number.  If there are 1000 records in that table then a max 1000 records will be found.  There is intelligent messaging displayed to the user […]

Export .ics Calendar Files

EXPORT ICS CALENDAR FORMAT FILES The purpose of this module and scripts are to export an .ics file for importing into Calendar applications. The scripts anticipate Single Event or Batch event export. The Main script has a branch for Saving the export file to disk (and opening in the local calendar app) or Emailing the event […]

Export vCards

The purpose of this script set is to export a standard .vcf or vCard files for importing into Contacts applications. The scripts are designed for easy integration with data tables which contain contact and address information. The export should work on Mac/Windows and iOS. The export can handle a Note field with carriage returns with limitations.

Field Protection Triggers

These are simple, abstracted trigger scripts that can be used on any field and any layout to prevent accidental changes to the data in a field.  They allow for initial data entry if the field is empty, but once there is data in the field, the user will be prompted if the data is changed. […]


Automated system of verifying a plugin is installed and installing/updating if necessary. This system consists of two modules: PluginManager and PluginChecker. PluginManager is a stand-alone file that stores plugin container files and installs them. PluginChecker is a lightweight module that verifies a specified version of a plugin is installed and calls PluginManager to install it […]

MonthPicker v2.0

MonthPicker v2 is an all new take on building a month picker with PopOvers.  I demoed this at DevCon, but I have already made some updates to how this works.  I got rid of several of the steps required to integrate this into your file. Thanks to some more input from the community. It now […]


URL Builder helps you construct URLs in an easy and chainable manner. For example, this FileMaker calculation url ( “” ) & urlBasicAuth ( “admin” ; “password” ) & urlPath ( “contacts” ) & urlPath ( “23345” ) & urlParam ( “max” ; “100” ) & urlParam ( “skip” ; “100” ) & url (“”) […]

Contact Picker

The Contact Picker Module’s goal is to abstract the activity of searching for existing contacts, as well as adding new contacts. In most CRM solutions, it can be called from many different contexts. The first example (see Contacts Demo) is used when creating a new contact. In this scenario the picker is used to search […]