PDF in WebDirect

This module uses my ‘Perform script on other client’ method to generate a PDF in WebDirect.   The technique I use is fully FileMaker native. In fact it is just the ‘onRecordLoad’ script trigger… I have a layout especially for the robot with a script on the ‘OnRecordLoad’ script trigger. The robot is just viewing […]


A modular open-source logging framework for FileMaker. Components Logger module: Provide an interface for logging. Call this module from any script you want to create a log entry from. Log Writer modules: Save log data to a single destination. Call Log Writers from the Logger module. Log Viewer modules: View log data. Provide a user […]

Test Data Generator

Overview This module provides a mechanism for setting up your solutions to quickly and easily create test data, both to help test your functionality and to stress test your solution. The module makes use of a set of custom function designed to generate random test data for the most common types of fields. Read more […]


  Easy ! Scanning barcodes in FileMaker is very easy. We can use a barcode scanner as keybord input or in FM Go we can even use the iPhone’s camera to scan barcodes and put the result directly in one of our fields. But generating the barcodes was not that easy… till now! Meet the EasyBarcode […]

MA Search Picker

This is a simple module that can bring search to a large value list.  This demo has a value list of 10,000 records ( the content of demo was randomly generated ) Main Features Sorts your list for you. Search as you type Long text items wrap Run scripts by calculated name Style with CSS No extra […]

Filemaker Google Calendar API

FileMaker_GoogleCalendarAPI.fmp12 Hi Everyone, I’ve been working on accessing the Google Calendar API 3 thru Filemaker and put together this quick summary of what I’ve learned. It is all Filemaker programming, no other language skills required. This file contains scripts to invoke four Google Calendar functions: create calendar, create event, edit event and delete event. The scripts […]