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P/\TH Based on the Path module by Dan Smith, these custom functions make it easy to create, manipulate, and translate Filemaker and native OS file paths. The functions detect the system platform and handle the discrepancies automatically. Working with plugins like BaseElements becomes a breeze, and you can stop thinking about whether your paths will work […]

Date Range Chooser

Are you looking for a reusable tool to be integrated with your FileMaker solution that provides an easy to use date range chooser popup window? Look no further! Portage Bay has created the Modular Date Range Chooser which can easily be added to your solution, either by copying and pasting the components into your existing solution, or linking the file as an external widget file.


TimePop creates a simple time picker in a popover or card window for setting a time field or variable. It uses an intuitive interface to streamline the user experience. Bootstrap’s DateTime picker inspired the look and feel. TimePop is incredibly easy to install and use. It requires no additional modules or custom functions. Once TimePop […]

Modular Dialog

Dialogs are nothing new. As a developer, it’s the primary form of developer-to-user communication. FileMaker’s “Show Custom Dialog” functionality is great for showing errors and gathering bits of input before, during, and after a call stack. There are times when a dialog would be helpful, but the “Show Custom Dialog” script step is not exactly suited for the situation.

Screenshot from Prog Bars Module

Prog Bars

This is one of the simplest modules that I’ve released to date, and its whole purpose is to allow you to easily display progress bars in your FileMaker solutions.
It may come as a surprise to you that FileMaker doesn’t ship with a built-in progress bar control, however, it does ship with a number of controls that can be used to roll your own quite simply.
Now that rolling your own has become even easier, I hope to see progress bars in all the solutions that need it out there.


Transform/create filesystem paths in various formats. Ever wondered if your filesystem paths are cross-platform compatible? Did you format it properly for FM export step? How about a plugin? Will forward slashes work on Windows? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, this module’s for you.


FlexSearch is Quick Find with super powers. Sometimes Quick Find isn’t enough. Because it matches phrases from the beginnings of words it can miss valuable search results. Performing a Find is the natural response but many users find that process awkward. FlexSearch solves this problem! It is a portable search bar that performs a Quick […]