Universal Search

by Julio Toledo


“Universal Search” is 100% reusable, modular search code. It can be used to run any number of search requests (“FileMaker” style or SQL), in any context (layout), using dynamically specified (not stored) search fields and search terms. “Universal Search” works on any FileMaker file you paste it into. It works locally as well as a Remote Procedure Call (“Perform Script On Server”, on FileMaker Server 13 and up). It can execute your SQL queries or your traditional FileMaker search requests. It works on iOS and on the Desktop.


Version 1.0.1 Update

Trivial navigation and UI tweaks (tutorial navigation bug fix, layout field label change)

Click on this link to download source code with demo tutorial.


3 responses to “Universal Search”

  1. Joseph Ancer says:

    This download bombs out after 50% through, have tried many times. Will try again later. Thanks for this

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