by Joshua Willing

TimePop creates a simple time picker in a popover or card window for setting a time field or variable. It uses an intuitive interface to streamline the user experience. Bootstrap’s DateTime picker inspired the look and feel.

TimePop is incredibly easy to install and use. It requires no additional modules or custom functions. Once TimePop is installed, you only need to copy the popover button or card opening button to your layout and change the script parameter to match the name of the field you want to set.

TimePop now supports timestamps thanks to Jeremiah Small!





Download Latest Version From Github






Suggestions welcome!


Github: Feel free to improve at will.


Version History:

  • 1.0.0. — 2018-03-16 — Initial build
  • 1.0.1. — 2018-06-12 — Minor changes.
  • 2.0.0 — 2018-06-16 — Now supports Timestamps and Card Windows!

3 responses to “TimePop”

  1. Jeremiah Small says:

    Hi Joshua,

    Great module. I forked it locally, and created a variant as TimestampPop, which uses your exact technique, but with the addition of a date to make a timestamp, rather than a time. I took the time to update your module file if you’d like me to contribute that back.


    • Joshua Willing says:

      Thanks! I’m excited to take a look at your improvements. Link me to your fork or send a copy of your file.

    • Joshua Willing says:

      Hey, your modification appears in the new version v2.0.0. Thanks for your contribution.
      Please note that there are other substantial changes to the script flow and naming as well as the addition of card windows. The script parameter passing is the same though.

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