Test Data Generator

by Mislav

Screenshot of the Test Data Generator module


  • This module provides a mechanism for setting up your solutions to quickly and easily create test data, both to help test your functionality and to stress test your solution.
  • The module makes use of a set of custom function designed to generate random test data for the most common types of fields.
  • Read more about this module here.


  • Install the module into your own solution.
  • Set up scripts for your tables.
  • See video.


  • See installation instructions in the readme script.
  • Note: This module includes custom functions that require a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced to install in another FileMaker file.
  • Requires FileMaker version 12 or higher.


  • MIT License – see the readme script.


  • Download from here.

9 responses to “Test Data Generator”

  1. JanSTP says:

    Hi Mislav,

    Can you check the download link?
    It is not working…



  2. Mislav says:

    Jan, thanks for pointing that out. The link should be fixed now.

  3. Oreste Schiavone says:

    Hi, No love won’t let me download

  4. Mislav says:

    Oreste, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the download. I tried it just now, and it worked for me. I went to http://www.soliantconsulting.com/labs/2015/05/test-data-generator-files, filled out the form, received an email with a download link, and was able to download the file without any problems. Can you let me know which of these steps is not work for you?

  5. […] 原文网址:http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/test-data-generator/ […]

  6. Kim Yeung says:

    Seems it’s no longer supported in FM15? I can’t open it

  7. Mislav says:

    Kim, I am able to open it in FM 15.

  8. khaled says:

    No link in the page either to form or file.

  9. Mislav says:

    Hi Khaled,

    I tested it out just now, and it worked for me just fine. I was able to click on the link in the Download section of this page (http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/test-data-generator/). That took me to a page (http://www.soliantconsulting.com/labs/2015/05/test-data-generator-files) with a form under the “Complete the form to receive the file” header. I completed the form and received an email with a download link.

    Is one of those steps not working correctly for you?

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