by Todd Geist


The “session model” has been used for years with FileMaker Pro, even dating back to the pre FileMaker 7 days.  Its been called many things over the years, “main table”, central file.  Essentially it is the practice of creating a record when a user logs in so that you can give each user a unique record to call their own for the duration of the FileMaker “session”.  This is useful for many kinds of Dashbord like, or task centered designs where the data presented to the user is pulled from many different tables.  FM Devs like it a lot because it allows them to show data from more than one “context”

This module provides the session table and the code to manage it.  Drop it in, bang  your gavel and your FileMaker database session is in well…   “session”.   🙂

Download it here!

10 responses to “Sessions

  1. Tom Fitch says:

    A couple of fields in this file are set to auto-enter based on the “auth_GetName” custom function, which is missing. A few CFs are also broken, e.g. ConfigGet, GetAccountName. Thanks for all your hard work, Todd.

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  3. Robin says:

    The comment in the trigger script OnLastWindowClose says in the notes this script schould run on startup and OnFirstWindowOpen but I think it sould be run on Shutdown and OnLastWindowClose.

    Thank you for your work

  4. Josh Ormond says:

    Hey Todd,
    The link to this download it broken.

  5. Andy Smith says:

    Thanks for the module.

    I think there may be an issue with the OnFirstWindowOpen script. It calls the “Create A Session Record” script, then sets the zg_currentSessionID global to the value of Session::_id. However, since the last step of “Create A Session Record” is Go To Layout [original layout], you are in the wrong context to access Session::_id (unless you happened to have been on a layout based on Session before you call OnFirstWindowOpen)

  6. john renfrew says:

    link appears to be broken.. 29/06/15

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