PrBr: Progress Bar

by Cristos Lianides-Chin

[Get the latest version on Github] or [Download v1.1.0 directly]

A module using a webviewer and some custom HTML to provide customizable, nestable progress bars for your FileMaker solution.

NO tables or complicated layouts to copy! Just one webviewer and a script folder!

UPDATE 2015-05-07: Reports are that this webviewer-based technique does not work in FileMaker Go. I am using it regularly in a Macintosh environment, and my initial tests suggest that it should work fine in Windows also. Your mileage may vary.

I will continue looking for an FMGo-compatible method, and welcome any interested developers to contact me at


v1.1.0 – Introduces an indefinite spinner, for situations where the “percent complete” is unknown (e.g., when calling a web service)

Testing Notes

  • This module has had limited testing in a Windows environment.
  • This module has not been tested at all in FileMaker Go.

If you employ this module in either of the above environments, please consider leaving a comment detailing your experience!


  • FileMaker 11+


  • Full implementation details are in the README script inside the module.
  • Implementation involves copying the following elements into your solution:
    • Scripts
    • Webviewer layout object


You can easily customize the colors and fonts in the progress bar by changing values in the”Set Progress Bar Colors and Font” script (see screenshots).


Click images for larger/animated views.


Screenshot 2015-03-29 11.28.16



Screenshot 2015-03-29 11.28.53

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