by Daniel Smith

Automated system of verifying a plugin is installed and installing/updating if necessary.

This system consists of two modules: PluginManager and PluginChecker. PluginManager is a stand-alone file that stores plugin container files and installs them. PluginChecker is a lightweight module that verifies a specified version of a plugin is installed and calls PluginManager to install it if it isn’t.

You can call PluginChecker at the start of any script/process that uses a plugin, or when your file is first opened.

Updating a plugin is as easy as inserting the new version into the PluginManager file and updating the version test used when calling the PluginChecker module.


MIT License




Current version: 1.1.0

Detailed version notes can be found in a script in the module. Release notes can be found in the GitHub repo.



View it on GitHub

View the “PluginManager: README” script, then the “PluginChecker: README” script.

3 responses to “PluginManager”

  1. Donovan says:

    I really like the UI and approach to integration. It’s obvious that you gave a lot of consideration to the adopter.

    If we make another module in parallel we’ll have a streak! In case you’d like to compare notes…

    • dansmith65 says:

      Thanks for the comment; I used this project as an excuse to test out some UI ideas in FM 13.

      That’s crazy timing; next time I think of creating a module I’ll have to ask if you’ve already done a similar one.

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