Path: CF

by Joshua Willing


Based on the Path module by Dan Smith, these custom functions make it easy to create, manipulate, and translate Filemaker and native OS file paths. The functions detect the system platform and handle the discrepancies automatically. Working with plugins like BaseElements becomes a breeze, and you can stop thinking about whether your paths will work when exporting or importing files.





2 responses to “Path: CF”

  1. Robert Koszegi says:

    Hey Josh,

    I know this module has been up for a while, but just wanted to note what a great job you did. This is a clean, well documented and useful tool. Thank you and Dan for your work on this.


    • Joshua Willing says:

      So glad that you got some use out of it, I really appreciate the kind words! I said almost the exact same thing to myself when I first used Dan’s original version and realized how easy he made my life.

      By the way if you have any ideas to expand the functionality feel free to submit ideas or pull requests on github (or here).

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