Navigation Controller

by jsorge

Add easy navigation around your FileMaker apps!

Creating navigation that remembers your history should be easy. In other platforms and frameworks it is, but not in FileMaker. That’s where NavigationController steps in. This handy module will let you create navigation that has its history managed in global variables, allowing you to navigate to layouts and even specific records in that layout with ease. Create a new stack, push layouts on and pop them off. It’s really easy and super helpful. This module can be the glue that holds your system together, tying separate pieces into one complete whole.

Check out the module on GitHub

6 responses to “Navigation Controller”

  1. wkeja says:

    Sounds interesting, but the post stops at “If you want to create a”
    Nice cliffhanger, but hardly usefull….

  2. Hussam says:

    nice to have

  3. Robert Stark says:

    Just wondering if there was a link to the download. Thanks.

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