by Todd Geist


This is a simple Month Date Picker.  It is highly modularized and flexible.  It is debuting at the FileMaker Developer’s conference 2013.


8 responses to “MonthDatePicker”

  1. john renfrew says:

    lovely and clean… great stuff
    any idea why it does not work properly with the script debugger on?

    • Todd Geist says:

      Yes, that is going to be a problem, if you move the mouse before you advance script debugger. The reason is that those Tooltips are going to fire as you move the mouse over other grids. So the impact with Debugger on is that you always get the last button you moused over, before you advance the Script Debugger I think I can see a way around this slight annoyance. But I’t will have to wait until DevCon to get fleshed out.

  2. Aron says:

    Hi Todd,

    Loving the work.

    I noticed some odd behaviour if you make the date field a global

  3. dhr says:

    Hey Todd,
    When I run this I get:
    Timestamp Filename Error Message
    2013-10-08 17:18:20.122 -0400 MonthDatePicker.fmp12 0 *** Started consistency check of improperly closed file, total of 398 block(s) to check
    2013-10-08 17:18:20.173 -0400 MonthDatePicker.fmp12 8432 Page 391 marked free but not in free list
    2013-10-08 17:18:20.174 -0400 MonthDatePicker.fmp12 8432 Page 398 marked free but not in free list
    2013-10-08 17:18:20.174 -0400 MonthDatePicker.fmp12 0 Reset maximum block sequence number to 420055
    2013-10-08 17:18:20.174 -0400 MonthDatePicker.fmp12 0 *** Completed consistency check, checked 398 block(s)

    Do you have a clean copy?

    • Todd Geist says:

      Hey Doug, I uploaded another copy. But I wouldn’t worry about it. This is a demo file. You are going to be copying and pasting this into a new file. I don’t know of any cases of any damage coming across the clipboard and infecting your file.


  4. Hey Todd;
    I’m probably missing something here, but I just downloaded this module, and it appears that the whole system is to be driven by script triggers. In the demo file I downloaded, it shows that a lot of objects have an OnObjectEnter script trigger attached to them, but the associated script is “”. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that these objects are supposed to fire your “Calendar Button ( Various )” script with parameters such as “+month”, “-month”, “Today”, etc…

    I’ve never before used this module though, so it’s just a guess.

    Also, are you able to shed some light on why this wouldn’t work on iOS?
    I was thinking about using it in a popover so that the keyboard didn’t have to show up for dates.

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