Markdown Editor

by Cristos Lianides-Chin

[Get the latest version on Github] or [Download v1.0.0 directly]

This modules uses FileMaker 13-native controls and the excellent PageDown.js library to implement markdown text syntax in your FileMaker Pro solution.

NOTE: This module has not yet been tested in a Windows environment. If you employ it in Windows, please consider leaving a comment detailing your experience.


  • FileMaker 13
  • [default] An active internet connection.
    • Optional implementation steps can enable you to use this module offline.

Easy Implementation

  • Choose which implementation you prefer (slider or popover).
  • Copy the layout objects to your target layout.
  • Edit the layout objects (webviewer and field) to point at the correct fields in your database.

Enable offline usage

  • Do all of the steps under “Easy Implementation” above.
  • Import the “optional_GlobalHtml” table into your solution.
  • Import the record from the “optional_GlobalHtml” table into your solution.
  • Edit the webviewer and uncomment the indicated line.
    Screenshot 2015-03-17 20.52.08






Help Screen


6 responses to “Markdown Editor”

  1. Jim Randell says:

    Cristos, this is FANTASTIC!

    Great Job, just what I needed.

    But a question: (and forgive me if this is in your docs and I missed it)
    Any reason why they shouldn’t be side by side, as opposed to the slider or popover?
    The first thing I did was pull your content field out of the slider (or was it the popover), and layed the two objects side by side.
    PERFECT! at least so far. Is there something I’m missing? Will this byte me in the future?

    Again, thanks for this module, mmmmha (You can’t see me, but I’m doing the five fingers on the lips, kiss, then throwing the fingers gesture, like the chef they used to put on the pizza boxes)! great work.


    • Cristos L-C says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad it’s useful for you! Everything should work perfectly fine if you pull the field out and put it next to the Webviewer on your layout. I’ll add an example demonstrating that in the next version.

      I’m mainly using it in places where editing is infrequent, so it was more effective (in terms of screen real estate) to conceal the editing field most of the time. It didn’t occur to me that someone might want to put them side-by-side. What’s the function you’re using it for?

      ~ Cristos

      • Jim Randell says:

        I have a client who makes frequent posts to a number of services which use MD, directly from FileMaker, using various combinations of api calls and scraping, depending on the site (there are currently 7 sites this works with, I accommodate new ones as he needs them).

        But, I like it so much it is my new, favorite MD editor, as I can now compose my posts and archive them at the same time

  2. Hi,

    thank you so much for this nice work.

    I tried to create table using

    | Tables | Are | Cool |
    | ————- |:————-:| —–:|
    | col 3 is | right-aligned | $1600 |
    | col 2 is | centered | $12 |
    | zebra stripes | are neat | $1 |

    This does not render as a proper table. Please give me a hint on what is wrong here or missing


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