by Drew Sanderson

More than 6 million people use MailChimp to create, send, and track email newsletters. You can now integrate their amazing product directly into FileMaker. 

To get started, download it here: mailchimp.fmp12

Since I have been finishing up this module’s documentation on the way to DevCon, I could work with Skitch and Evernote offline so that is where the documentation will live for now. I intend to move it here and over to my website at

The documentation examples are based on integrating it with the Contacts starter solution that comes with FileMaker 13. You can then infer how to integrate it into your own solution.


Advanced integration ( There are about 50 screen shots, so it loads a bit slow… be patient. )

Basic integration

There are currently two dependencies:

1. BaseElements plugin, version 2.3 at the time of release ( July, 29 2014 )

2. JSON Module found at or

The module works on nine of the many methods MailChimp provides with their API. The functionality is currently concentrated on list maintenance. This is what I had a business case for so far. I am looking forward to seeing what the community has a use case for and develops other methods for inclusion in this module. Another vision would be working towards using the Insert from URL script step with httppost://.

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  2. john renfrew says:

    Thanks for this
    I have a fair bit of dev-work with the httpspost version in a test file if you want to do a bit of sharing.. including some of the other areas not covered here..

    John Renfrew

  3. Liz Anderson says:


    Please let me know which versions of Filemaker will integrate with Mailchimp using this software. I am currently running FileMaker Pro 12. I don’t have Advanced.


  4. guillaume says:


    Thank you for this great project that unfortunately works only on API 2.0 of mailchimp

    Did you manage to do the modifications for the new API 3.0 ?

    If yes , did you plan a deadline ?

    Many thanks for your answer


  5. Hi Drew,
    Any plans to update this to use the Mailchimp API v3.x ?

  6. I don’t yet have a business need to develop for v3. If I do, I will post. Maybe someone else will take it on.

  7. ArtProMac says:

    Hi Drew , Congrats for the script !! 🙂

    @James, to work with API v3

    change Line 40 in the Mailchimp_API script,
    “https://” & $dataCenter & “” & $$ListeMailChimp & “/members/”

    Anyway Drew, On your demo file , same script, there is a error in Line 180
    SetVariable $result
    ( $url ; $methodParameters )

  8. ArtProMac says:

    The missing function is BE_HTTP_POST

  9. Jordan says:

    I too would love to see this updated to MailChimp API v3. This is incredibly useful

  10. Jordan says:

    Regardless… thanks for creating this to begin with!

  11. @ArtProMac. I just looked at line 180 and it is ok. I would imagine there is a problem with the installed plugin on your machine. I am not going to change that one line to v3 since I have not tested the implications. I am sure it would work, but I don’t know what might break or work not as expected.

  12. Grégoire says:


    This is really a VERY interesting module!
    I discovered your module and wondered if there had been development with the mailchimp V3 API or maybe someone else here developed there?
    All this is really good work, thank you for sharing!
    Thank you !


  13. I have a working version for V3 of their API. I have not posted it because it is not polished.

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