Local Backup

by Jeremy Bante

Local Backup Screenshot


Local Backup creates backups of non-hosted FileMaker solutions. Many developers work on files locally, not hosted by a server, by necessity or by choice. By doing so, they miss out on the backup features of FileMaker Server. This module gives developers a substitute backup mechanism.


This module is inspired by (copied from) solutions by Kevin Frank (with help from Bruce Robertson) and Michael Rocharde.


Anyone may do anything with this software. There is no warranty.


Download from GitHub. If you are not comfortable working with GitHub, you can download the repository directly.

6 responses to “Local Backup”

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  2. Greg says:

    Has anyone else received an error when running this on the latest Developer Release of Mac OS 10.10?

    This script results in an error.
    Create Folder ( folderPath )
    Perform AppleScript

    “mkdir: volumes//10.10/Users/gt/Desktop/Backup/2014-10-09_18-56-05/: Permission denied”

  3. Jeremy Bante says:

    Greg, you’re the first to report this issue. I’m not testing this with pre-release software, so any fix from me is going to have to wait until at least a month after Yosemite is released unless someone else comes up with updated AppleScript first.

  4. Greg says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’ll look around for some ideas in shell script or Applescript forums for some answers.

  5. Greg says:

    Found the problem.

    The volume for Yosemite was formatted as case sensitive.

    “mkdir: Volumes//10.10/Users/gt/Desktop/Backup/” solved the problem.

    Beyond this being a result of my oversight, should there be any changes you would suggest in creating the full directory to prevent this for any user that may make the same mistake?

    Thanks for your time and the very useful module.


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