by Daniel Smith

Custom function for generating a cross-platform compatible fmpurl for opening files and running scripts via the Open URL script step.

This file mostly exists due to this bug and my wanting to do cross-platform testing to confirm I can open/close files and run scripts via fmpurl.


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2 responses to “fmpurl”

  1. john renfrew says:

    Just being doing some work with a company validations department (working in medical field) who have an interesting take one the (type of) error reported by this file.
    If the test is expected to fail because of… x (in this case it is not hosted) – AND if the environment can be ascertained (so written into the test), then in fact the test can be written such that this is a known condition under which it will apparently fail, therefore can produce a pass.
    This is because they otherwise have to write an exception into the testing documentation that has no need to be there.

  2. Daniel Smith says:

    Thanks for the feedback John.

    I was debating that very issue when I was creating the test. I choose to have the test fail because otherwise I didn’t think it would be clear that the test was skipped.

    I agree that if the test results were post processed in any way, then this probably isn’t the best way to handle it. As it is, these results were only designed to be viewed by people, not parsed by computers.

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