Field Protection Triggers

by Ted Weil

These are simple, abstracted trigger scripts that can be used on any field and any layout to prevent accidental changes to the data in a field.  They allow for initial data entry if the field is empty, but once there is data in the field, the user will be prompted if the data is changed.

In response to user requests, the trigger has been updated to allow exact matches (respecting capitalization) if the user desires.  This can be turned on and off by use of a script parameter.

DOWNLOAD HERE:  FieldProtectionTriggers.fmp12


6 responses to “Field Protection Triggers”

  1. Santosh Singh says:

    Usefull module. Exact what I want. Not get in perfect reply for this inquery in any forum.

  2. Geoffrey Gerhard says:

    A “≠” (unequal) comparison ignores capitalization. Consider changing “$$original ≠ Get ( ActiveFieldContents )” in your first If’s argument to “not Exact ( $$original ; Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) )” when catching changes to the capitalization of any character would be useful.


  3. Ted Weil says:

    Geoffrey –
    Great build! My thought was that capitalization would be a change that wouldn’t warrant the prompt, but your build is a great alternative for anyone who wants to lock it down to the case level. It could work either way.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Paul Jansen says:

    Neat little function. If I were to implement this, I would probably make the choice of Exact or “≠” driven by a script parameter to allow different rules for different fields.


  5. Ted Weil says:

    Good thought! I’ll toy with that and see what I get.

  6. Rachel says:

    GREAT script! My only issue is that it still commits data, even if cancel is selected. Have worked through script repeatedly and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any advice?

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