DynamicNavigation 2

by Karsten

DynamicNavigation 2 is a table based navigation with a top navigation and a sub navigation to every top entry. The solution allows you “to go somewhere” and also “to do something” on the landing page. The basic idea is quite simple: Every line in the navigation table has a layout name and a script call. The layout name is used in a scriptstep “Go to layout > layout name by calculation”, while the script call is a word that is transformed into a global variable – which can be evaluated on the landing page, if there is an active script trigger “OnLayoutEnter”. The combination of the two let you not just navigate, but trigger actions as well.

More information:
> http://fmstarter.com/en/dynamic-navigation/

I just moved all downloads to a new improved website. Registration no longer is required.






10 responses to “DynamicNavigation 2”

  1. Kenneth James says:

    Thank you for sharing this method. Since I am fairly new at FileMaker, I look to these examples as learning experiences. This project certainly enhanced my understanding of the process of passing parameters and the Evaluate statement. This experience was “enhanced” with several hours of reverse-engineering trying to figure out why my addition to the sample navigation construct simply would not work like the others in the navigation table. I finally caught the problem with the help of the script debugger and variable watch window. There is a field in the navigation table called “parameter” which needs to be unpackaged for this module to work. Finally, I discovered that I had inadvertently inserted a carriage return character at the end of the data in that field. That CR return was enough to confuse the script such that the script could not populate the left navigation portal properly.

    Again, thanks for a great tool, and a great learning experience for me. 🙂

    • Karsten says:

      Hello Kenneth

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. I will certainly look into the issue you mentioned and see how I can further simplify this for a future release. Simplifying in this case would mean: Error-trapping or better definitions.


  2. I’m definitely excited about trying to implement this having wanted to develop a similar system. I think I am going to roll in the use of #Parameters ( http://www.modularfilemaker.org/2013/07/parameters/ ) to work around the limitation Kenneth brought up.

    • Karsten says:

      Hi Drew

      I tried not to use any custom functions for the parameters. But indeed – this is a crucial thing and any suggestions for improvement are welcomed.


  3. Jonathan Fletcher says:

    Website is not letting me register. It keeps saying I haven’t filled in all the required fields and I have.


    • Karsten says:

      Hi Jonathan

      I assume you missed to enter name and password at the bottom of the form. There are many registrations every day and I just tested it myself. It works. Let me know if I can be of any further help.


      • Jim Randell says:

        same issue as Jonathan, I was careful to fill out all the fields, but returns error telling me all required fields are not filled in.

        am using FF32.0.3 on mac Yosemite.

        I really wish I could take a look at your stuff, looks good!

        • Karsten says:

          Hi Jim

          You have a valid account on our site. I just tested it and it works flawlessly. As our website uses session cookies, please allow cookies in your browser.
          If you continue to have problems, just drop me a line at office@kursiv.com.


  4. Just a quick constructive criticism… I wish your screen shots were more useful. With the size and angle you have them, you can’t read anything. A larger screen shot and/or multiple detail shots in the body of the description would be really helpful when browsing through modules.
    Also, this one is more of a suggestion for Todd for the site in general… It would be nice if there was a link on each module to see other modules by the same developer.
    Thanks for contributing!

    • Karsten says:

      Hi Shawn

      It is a good point, though the image was never meant as a regular screenshot. It’s more what you call a “feature image” in WordPress.

      The wish for a complete online and offline instruction, including screenshots etc. might not be feasible in every case. For this particular module though, you find more information (and screenshots) here: http://fmstarter.com/en/dynamic-navigation/


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