Bullet Field

by Karsten



BulletField is a solution to create a password field with bullets on a regular Filemaker layout. It is simple to setup and can be easily configured to match your own fields. The example supports:

  • writing
  • deleting
  • switch to show/hide password


How it works:

The user is shown a bullet field, in which he can write or delete. Every character is copied with a script trigger to a hidden global password field, after which the entry is converted into bullets (or any other character). The configuration script allows you to set your own fields. It also can be as a usefull extension for the User Management module.

I just moved all downloads to a new improved website. Registration no longer is required.
>ย  fmstarter.com/en/download/







22 responses to “Bullet Field”

  1. Charles says:

    We need a solution that can work on WebDirect, so we are not corded to use the scripted re-login, and is potentially no conforming theme look etc.

    Unless someone has an ingenious idea … web viewer passed credentials with fmpURL perhaps
    Actually Ill give that a try ..

  2. bill hagara says:

    I’ll also chime in to say that until these solutions from Karsten are posted here at Todd’s site, I’m ignoring them. If Todd wants to share information with the developer about the users that are downloading the solutions… that’s fine with me. Karsten needs to understand the community here isn’t about them and what they want to see. This is supposed to be FOR the community – period.

    • Karsten says:


      Before I started posting these free examples for the community I did check the issue with Todd, as it was an important point for me. He made me aware that probably some people will not want to register. You might be one of them. Fair enough!

      Looking forward to see your modules pop-up here on this site.


  3. Josh Ormond says:

    I’m kind of with Bill on this one Karsten. I’m not a fan of having to register with a 3rd party site to download the demo files. I’d be more ok with it, if it was posted somewhere like GitHub. But, your registration form requires more info than I’m willing to give. I love your work. But there is not a good reason for me to provide my address, or even log in at all.

    And its for good reason that I feel the way I do. I’ve been burned before. The general thought being, if you are going to contribute to the vision of the site ( at least the way I interpreted it ), then be fully vetted and post it here. It feels very Used Car Salesman to have me register for your site, when I may not even be register for this one. If you get what I’m saying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Karsten says:


      Thank you for your thoughts. It is a returning subject here and I have replied before. Some are unwilling to register, but most have no problems. We do not spam, we do not sell your stuff. For the time being, this is how it is. However, I am working on a new site, allowing for immediate downloads without registering, while it does give me the feedback I want to have. Therefor: A solution is coming. Please bear with me.

      This said, I want to add that (in general) it is annoying that you give away work for free and people start complaining. The more you give and contribute, the more complaints come in. That is strange, to say the least, up to the point where people demand you have to behave so-and-so. Even more strange it becomes, if complaints come from people who did not contribute at all. As you correctly state, you feel the way you do “for good reason”. The same applies to my standpoint. I am distributing software for over 20 years and made experiences why I choose this way. Both standpoints are valid and it is truly OK to mention it. The freedom to choose I think, remains on the side of the one giving, not the other way around. That is sound mind: You like it or you leave it. There is no definition of how it should be on this site and I clarified this with Todd before I made any uploads. Everyone gains, when the platform and the people joining remain open minded, and as many as possible make contributions โ€“ย in any way immaginanable.

      I think that comments on the topic should move away from the actual module pages to a general forum.

      Please feel free to send me any comments directly at karsten@kursiv.com. And: A solution for direct downloads is on its way.


    • Karsten says:

      Hi Josh

      One more thought here. Consider it a general contribution to the idea of the site:

      I am a native dutch speaker. I live in german speaking Switzerland, so I speak two kinds of funny german. Some of my customers address me in french. I live in a multilingual and multicultural environment. There is absolutely no reason to program or to contribute in english, though I think the extra effort is helpfull โ€“ย as it eases the way for many people (like you) to use the modules. Complaints come from english speakers only. That might be a cultural thing. On my own site I can list products and informations in two languages, which is one of the reasons I choose to keep all information on my own site: I can better serve my direct customers.


  4. Josh Ormond says:

    I hear you Karsten. Reading my thoughts in text, it reads harsher than I actually feel. I understand the reason for having people register. And I totally get why you want the downloads on your own site. As you will note, I did register, albeit in a sideways way.

    My thoughts about contributing to the vision of the site centers around one thing, and one thing only. Having multiple ways to download the files can get very tricky. At the far extreme, every developer here could require the users to register on their own site to download the files. I suppose in essence that would make the site merely a repository for link to good demo files. If that what it is, I don’t really have an issue with that. However, I think that (1) its not the vision of the site. And of course, my individual opinion of that really doesn’t matter much. So I’m happy with whatever direction Todd wants it to go. (2) that I have seen many websites, not just FM sites, that start of with great intentions and have tremendous benefit to the target audience. And then there is a failure to adopt or accept the way the site was executed. And this one is the one that scares me. I don’t need modularfilemaker.org in order to be a good developer. I am very good at working through things on my own. However, it does help me accomplish certain things faster if someone has already done it, or done it better. And it has a HUGE impact on the rest of the FM developing community. And I enjoy learning how other developers approach things. That makes me a better developer.

    After this comment, I will likely never speak of the matter again. I was only expressing a thought, hoping the developers that post modules here consider when they make that final decision on the deployment method, that’s all.

    And to be clear…THANK YOU, for all you have done to contribute to the FM community as a whole. That is most definitely more important than my semi-crazy rambling. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve done my best over the years, and thousands of posts on different forums, to help others learn FileMaker. And I know the effort on your part, my part, Todd and the many contributors here, and the engineers and developers at FMI, make FileMaker a more robust, and viable platform for business and data. So again…a sincere Thank you!

    • Karsten says:

      Hi Josh

      Thank you for your elaborate answer. I am fully with you.

      It is probably a balance act. Had I not choosen the way I did it here, I would not have known the impact and interest for the tools I wrote. It would have been like sailing in the dark, and not knowing where you go to, or if it makes any sense at all to leave the shore. By now, I know this, and there is no other as pure technical reasons (and some time) to get things going in a simpler way.

      I have read many of your contributions and am fully aware of your great help to the community.

      What I learned is (much like the basic idea of Filemaker Modules) that a simple structure is serving more people as rigid conventions. Some rules must be set, but I โ€“ for my part โ€“ was now able to get the essential feedback I really needed, just because Todd allowed for this. I learned, for example, that only about 1 out of 100 people reacts after downloading. I learned that many people come in through the german part of my website for the downloads, etc. I consider these to be extremely valuable informations for further developments. I could give immediate support to quite a number of people as well. That is the only thing that counts for me.

      Thnx for your input. We’ll be in touch for sure.


  5. Lazlo says:

    How can I modify this script so it triggers another script if the user types (return, enter or tab)?

  6. Lazlo says:

    I got it working by adding this to the on keystroke trigger:
    Let( [n = Code( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) )] ; ( n=9 or n=10 or n= 13 ) )

    • Karsten says:

      Hi Lazlo

      You refer not to the module, but to the integration in combination with a user management solution, right? I had solved this in our starter solution FM Starter as well, though I like the way you handled the trigger. Thnx! โ€“ย I include it as a suggestion in the next version.


  7. Lazlo says:

    I just upgraded to FMP 14 and now I am seeing a quick flash of each letter that I type before it get’s converted to a bullet. The solution is being hosted on a FM 14 Server. Also, when I log in using FMP 13 it still works.

  8. Lazlo says:

    FYI, the problem also occurs when I run your solution (BulletField 1.10) on my local computer. I only see the letter for a split second but it’s long enough to identify each letter.

    I am running a Mac Pro with OS 10.10.3.

    • Karsten says:

      Thank you, Lazlo. I have notice this myself as well. This happens in FMP14. Something changed, and the processing is slower as under FMP13. On your iOS devices it will behave exactly like this, thus it should not be considered an error per definition, as in some situations it might fit. I’m stuck in projects right now, so any input and solutions found are appreciated.


  9. Shannon says:

    When using this technique in GO, how to you prevent the field from getting auto-capitalized? I’ve noticed that text I enter is capitalized by default (I guess that is an iOS default), but it took me over a week to realize what was going wrong. We’d hope to only have text capitalized in the field when explicitly selected.

    • Karsten says:

      Hi Shannon

      I checked with Filemaker Go 14, both from the device and from a server and I cannot reproduce the error. If this is happening in your solution, it probably is a style setting?


  10. Scott Rose says:

    Thanks so much for creating this very clever file, Karsten! ๐Ÿ™‚ One note: it seems like if the user clicks into the MIDDLE of the gBullets field and starts typing or deleting, then the gAccess field doesn’t update from the middle. The gAccess field always updates at the end. Of course, it is highly unlikely that a user would click into the middle of the gBullets field, so it is highly unlikely that people would run into this problem in real life. Thanks again!

    • Karsten says:

      Hi Scott

      That is correct. The solution does not do all one can imagine. But โ€“ as you know โ€“ this is a kind of open source software, so feel free to correct, adjust, enhance…


    • Steven Li says:

      The same will happen if the users use arrow key to move the cursor, but that can be cancelled by adding a on Keystroke trigger.

      One not-so-perfect solution I can think of to solve both cursor and mouse click issue is detecting the * mark in the gAccessPassword field and clear all fields. Because there’ll be an * added to the end of the password if the cursor is not at the end.

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