FlexSearch is Quick Find with super powers.

Sometimes Quick Find isn’t enough. Because it matches phrases from the beginnings of words it can miss valuable search results. Performing a Find is the natural response but many users find that process awkward.

FlexSearch solves this problem! It is a portable search bar that performs a Quick Find or “FlexSearch”, which matches phrases using the beginnings, middles and ends of words too. Users can easily turn FlexSearch on and off, or the developer can incorporate just one or the other.

FlexSearch is fast. For hosted files it actually outperforms Quick Find when searching long phrases because it performs the complex find on the server and replicates the found set on the client.


Hyperlist is required. The example file below contains Hyperlist so you can copy it from there if you don’t have it yet.



Download Module Version 1.0.3

Download Latest From Github



In the installation video below, please disregard the part that says UUIDs are required. The latest version works with any kind of id, including serial numbers.




Suggestions welcome!


Version History:

  • 1.0.1. — 5-29-2017 — Adjusted the hide calculation in the flexsearch fields offscreen object to accommodate single field flexsearches. Thanks pleiades for pointing out the bug.
  • 1.0.2 — 6-7-2017 — rgordon pointed out that the module was creating 3 TIMES as many search records as needed. This should work even faster now. Thanks rgordon for the insight!
  • 1.0.3. — 8-6-2017 — Flexsearch now works with serial numbers instead of just UUIDs. Any id type will work as long as the id is unique within its own table.

Universal Search


“Universal Search” is 100% reusable, modular search code. It can be used to run any number of search requests (“FileMaker” style or SQL), in any context (layout), using dynamically specified (not stored) search fields and search terms. “Universal Search” works on any FileMaker file you paste it into. It works locally as well as a Remote Procedure Call (“Perform Script On Server”, on FileMaker Server 13 and up). It can execute your SQL queries or your traditional FileMaker search requests. It works on iOS and on the Desktop.


Version 1.0.1 Update

Trivial navigation and UI tweaks (tutorial navigation bug fix, layout field label change)

Click on this link to download source code with demo tutorial.