User Management 4

UserManagement 4 is a solution to manage users and login procedures. Users are listed in a Filemaker table. Filemaker accounts are functional and per user group. User of the same group share the same settings. In the user table every user is assigned to a specific user group. Switching settings or groups can be done with a simple re-login.

The solution supports:

– login
– logout
– integrate your own Filemaker accounts
– integrate your own Menusets
– start and end dates for user access
– easy to enhance

In version 4 some bugs were addressed, specifically:
– fixed: landing page corrected (and an extra landing page added, to show different login scenarios for different accounts)
– fixed: upon closing the solution the active user name was deleted from the table

I just moved all downloads to a new improved website. Registration no longer is required.






Browser Navigation now with multiple window support

As a result of a question from Jeremiah Hammond I have uploaded a new version with  support for multiple windows within the same file.  There are, however, a couple of caveats:

  • Windows names must be unique
  • Changing the name of a window will start a new history

Dealing with multiple windows does complicate the module somewhat and has resulted in two additional custom functions (still optional).  These have the additional benefit of allowing developers to customise the tooltips.

You may wonder why I wrote custom functions if they are not strictly required.  There are two reasons:

  • They make debugging much faster as I only have to make changes once.
  • I like the idea of being able to improve the module without editing every layout

The latest version also includes the ability to toggle the saving of layouts to the history by setting a global variable.

The original single window version has been in use with several developers for some time and is well tested.  This new version is less well tested so I have decided to keep both versions available for the time being.

Check it out

Navigation Module v1.0.3 released

Bob Ellis came up with some nice additions to the Navigation Module.

  • changed the setup to use LayoutIDs instead of LayoutNumbers. More robust
  • improved “navigate” script to better handle nested NavBars

Check it out