SimpleBackup is a FileMaker module to create backups or snapshots of local files.


  • Easy backups of local files
  • Filenames include a timestamp
  • An additional script allows to include several FileMaker files at once
  • Works in Runtime solutions
  • Create snapshots during development
  • Automate backups at the closing of files





Download this file:



Navigation Controller

Add easy navigation around your FileMaker apps!

Creating navigation that remembers your history should be easy. In other platforms and frameworks it is, but not in FileMaker. That’s where NavigationController steps in. This handy module will let you create navigation that has its history managed in global variables, allowing you to navigate to layouts and even specific records in that layout with ease. Create a new stack, push layouts on and pop them off. It’s really easy and super helpful. This module can be the glue that holds your system together, tying separate pieces into one complete whole.

Check out the module on GitHub

“Universal Search”


“Universal Search” is 100% reusable, modular search code. It can be used to run any number of search requests (“FileMaker” style or SQL), in any context (layout), using dynamically specified (not stored) search fields and search terms. “Universal Search” works on any FileMaker file you paste it into. It works locally as well as a Remote Procedure Call (“Perform Script On Server”, on FileMaker Server 13 and up). It can execute your SQL queries or your traditional FileMaker search requests. It works on iOS and on the Desktop. It just works.


Click on this link to download source code with demo tutorial.

Merge Letter Templates Version 1.1 Published

Updated Merge Letter Templates Module To Version 1.1

Here’s the changelog:

  • Updated Readme (Reference to Configuration script was mis-labeled, another step wasn’t verbose enough in its explanation)
  • Fixed bug with Configuration script –> incorrect layout name was hardcoded
  • Updated how variables get dynamically created
  • Introduced new way of using get variables that evaluate at runtime –> Use {{GetFunctionName}} syntax similar to merge functions used on layouts
  • Allowed for the usage of string literals as substitution text –> Can also have system generate these strings onInitializeModule (not necessarily runtime)
  • Updated configuration to show examples of all 3 types of substitution values (fields/strings/GetFunctions)

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Major Face Lift Underway

A long over due, facelift is underway. We have dumped the PageLines them in favor of something less heavy handed.  Modules are now their own custom post type.  So Module authors look for you modules under the “Modules” menu.  New modules should be created there as well.  Blog posts will now just be for Blog Posts.


There is still work to do, but this is was a big first step. We now have a lots more flexibility in how things get displayed.  Hopefully we can add the sorted list views, downloads counts, and ratings soon.

Over the next few days I’ll finish getting the kinks ironed out.  Once I am done, it would be really great if the module authors could go through their modules to check to make sure everything still looks ok.  Hopefully, there won’t be too much out of whack but a once over couldn’t hurt.

Stay tunned


QuickFind is a generic quick search module for Filemaker Pro.




QuickFind comes with 2 modes, which can be switched:
– Automated Search (searchresults-while-you-type)
– Search with button or keystroke.

After installation, the set of fields and buttons can be copied to any layout of any table and it works without further modifications.

I just moved all downloads to a new improved website. Registration no longer is required.








Watermark Photos with FileMaker

UPDATE! 4/2/2014 FMI just shipped 13.0v2.  This removes the limitation of having to self host when running the file locally on your computer. 

UPDATE! 8/8/2014 no longer requires Reactor on Windows.

UPDATE! 1/9/2015 cleaned up some old functions and documentation.

This module uses the HTML5 canvas element, Javascript, and FileMaker Web Viewer to watermark photos.  There is a video and full blog post describing how it is done on my website.

This works best on FileMaker 13, Mac and iOS.  To get it to work with Windows or on FileMaker 12 you will need the Free Reactor Lite plugin. See ReadMe for more details.

This image was watermarked with this Module.  pretty cool huh ? 🙂

Untitled 1



Bullet Field



BulletField is a solution to create a password field with bullets on a regular Filemaker layout. It is simple to setup and can be easily configured to match your own fields. The example supports:

  • writing
  • deleting
  • switch to show/hide password


How it works:

The user is shown a bullet field, in which he can write or delete. Every character is copied with a script trigger to a hidden global password field, after which the entry is converted into bullets (or any other character). The configuration script allows you to set your own fields. It also can be as a usefull extension for the User Management module.

I just moved all downloads to a new improved website. Registration no longer is required.







iOS Window Preview

iOS Window Preview



Version 2 (2014-09-10) adds support for iPhone 6 and 6+ screen sizes.

iOS Window Preview resizes the current window so the content area matches what would be available on an iPhone or iPad. This helps developers design layouts for iOS devices without constantly switching back-and-forth between a test device and a desktop development machine.


Anyone may do anything with this software for any purpose. There is no warranty.


Download from GitHub. If you are not comfortable working with GitHub, you can download the repository directly.

Accounts: Modular User Account Management

Features Overview

Accounts allows for management of user accounts:

  • Create
  • Delete
  • Enable/Disable
  • Reset Password
  • Change Privilege Set
  • Configurable settings
  • Email User “Welcome” Email (including option to send a launcher file – launcher file sold separately 😉
  • Robust error trapping
  • Function success/error dialogs
  • Works with single or multi-file solutions where the privilege sets and accounts are the same in every file (although files can be excluded)
  • Includes basic UI for Account management
  • Uses standard Modular FileMaker methods for passing and parsing parameters.
  • All buttons and script calls include commented out parameters using # functions.  Scripts can optionally use # functions.

Error Trapping Notes

  • Before creation of a new account, the selected Privilege set is validated.  Creation is allowed if privilege set is valid.
  • When deleting an account, if the delete fails because the account does not exist in one or more files, then user is still given option to delete the Account record in the account table.
  • When changing account status or resetting a password for an account, the account is created silently if it does not exist in one or more files.


Standard MIT license.


Feedback and questions are welcome via or twitter: @darrenburgess.


Download Version 1.2

Download Version 1.3

Version 2.0 included a major overhaul to simplify integration and massively improve documentation.

Versions 2.01 – 2.04 added new functionality, documentation improvements and integration simplification.

Download Version 2.05 (from github).  This version just updated copyrights and license

Integration instructions are on GitHub.