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Introduction version 1.0.3  – 4/18/2013 – switched to using LayoutIDs instead of LayoutNumber. Handling nested NavBars better. Honestly, there could be a lot more to this one. Its just a start. But it does work. 🙂  You can create navbars that are easy to style, and easy to use, and look great. Credits Bob Ellis […]


FileMaker Transactions Although it is not talked about as much as it should be, FileMaker does indeed support database transactions.  Thank goodness because sometimes you have to use them.  This module contains all the code you need to start coding using transactions.  The modules uses techniques that have been used and tested for almost a […]

Introducing Modular FileMaker

Several of my closest collaborators and I have been working for many years on coming up with a methodology for building highly re-usable FileMaker code. This has become easier in recent versions. There is still a long way to go.  But I think we have finally reached a state where we can begin to get […]

Master Detail

Update: version 1.1.3 available 4/13/2013 UPDATE –  version 2.0 was released. Major changes. You can get it here. Overview Master Detail is module designed to make it easy for you to make Master Detail views on any FileMaker Table. Works on any found set Uses normal FileMaker sorting order. Can handle 10s of thousands of […]


Overview (Update Version 2.0.1 1/29/2014 – fixed the bug reported by Tim Anderson – more info here) (Update Version 2.0 1/8/2014 – added support for up to 5 fields, detects and uses ListOf) Post and video over at geistinteractive.com (Update 10/7/2013 – added trailing return to maintain backwards compatibility ) (Update 8/20/2013 – new and […]