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MasterDetail 2.0

This a major update to Master Detail 1.0. New Features MasterDetail Portal Record Limit MasterDetail now detects the number of records in the MasterDetailRows table, and constrains the found set based on that number.  If there are 1000 records in that table then a max 1000 records will be found.  There is intelligent messaging displayed to the user […]

MonthPicker v2.0

MonthPicker v2 is an all new take on building a month picker with PopOvers.  I demoed this at DevCon, but I have already made some updates to how this works.  I got rid of several of the steps required to integrate this into your file. Thanks to some more input from the community. It now […]


URL Builder helps you construct URLs in an easy and chainable manner. For example, this FileMaker calculation url ( “http://www.geistinteractive.com” ) & urlBasicAuth ( “admin” ; “password” ) & urlPath ( “contacts” ) & urlPath ( “23345” ) & urlParam ( “max” ; “100” ) & urlParam ( “skip” ; “100” ) & url (“”) […]

Major Face Lift Underway

A long over due, facelift is underway. We have dumped the PageLines them in favor of something less heavy handed.  Modules are now their own custom post type.  So Module authors look for you modules under the “Modules” menu.  New modules should be created there as well.  Blog posts will now just be for Blog […]


Watermark Photos with FileMaker UPDATE! 4/2/2014 FMI just shipped 13.0v2.  This removes the limitation of having to self host when running the file locally on your computer.  UPDATE! 8/8/2014 no longer requires Reactor on Windows. UPDATE! 1/9/2015 cleaned up some old functions and documentation. This module uses the HTML5 canvas element, Javascript, and FileMaker Web Viewer […]


Introduction This is a simple Month Date Picker.  It is highly modularized and flexible.  It is debuting at the FileMaker Developer’s conference 2013. Download

Downloading From GitHub

Several folks have expressed frustration with Downloading from Github. While Github has been quietly changing the rest of the coding world it is not widely used within the FileMaker world. As a result lots of FM people don’t know how to “download something from GutHub”.  It’s pretty easy actually.  But like anything new, it can […]

Modular FileMaker Goes Live

(originally posted on geistintertactive.com) We are finally ready to go live.  Thanks to everyone who has pitched in so far.  Lets see how far this can go. 🙂 It has long been difficult to share code in the FileMaker world.  Traditional FileMaker coding styles made it difficult, and I think many of us old school […]


Introduction The “session model” has been used for years with FileMaker Pro, even dating back to the pre FileMaker 7 days.  Its been called many things over the years, “main table”, central file.  Essentially it is the practice of creating a record when a user logs in so that you can give each user a […]