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Prog Bars

This is one of the simplest modules that I’ve released to date, and its whole purpose is to allow you to easily display progress bars in your FileMaker solutions.
It may come as a surprise to you that FileMaker doesn’t ship with a built-in progress bar control, however, it does ship with a number of controls that can be used to roll your own quite simply.
Now that rolling your own has become even easier, I hope to see progress bars in all the solutions that need it out there.

Merge Letter Templates Version 1.1 Published

• Updated Readme (Reference to Configuration script was mis-labeled, another step wasn’t verbose enough in its explanation)
• Fixed bug with Configuration script –> incorrect layout name was hardcoded
• Updated how variables get dynamically created
• Introduced new way of using get variables that evaluate at runtime –> Use {{GetFunctionName}} syntax similar to merge functions used on layouts
• Allowed for the usage of string literals as substitution text –> Can also have system generate these strings onInitializeModule (not necessarily runtime)
• Updated configuration to show examples of all 3 types of substitution values (fields/strings/GetFunctions)

Permission Granted

This module provides you with tables, scripts, a layout, and a few custom functions that make it easy for you to define a template. Once defined, you’ll be able to insert security checks throughout your system to determine whether or not your users are supposed to perform certain actions… before they actually try to perform them

Multilingual ValueLists

In a former post, I provided a simple technique to allow FileMaker Developers to put multilingual labels on their layouts. That tackles the majority of the multilingual requirements for the average system. In some cases however, we need a little bit more multilingual integration in our systems. This module will provide you with a means to create and edit multilingual valuelists in your solution.

Migration Assistant

This is simply a utility that will help you tally up the total record counts in each of your tables. It will also help you identify what fields are using the auto-enter serial number option, and let you know what the next serial number is set to. Implementing this into your ‘source’ table prior to performing a data migration usually takes only a minute or two, and can save you the headache of tracking down this valuable information manually.