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QuickFind is a generic quick search module for Filemaker Pro.     QuickFind comes with 2 modes, which can be switched: – Automated Search (searchresults-while-you-type) – Search with button or keystroke. After installation, the set of fields and buttons can be copied to any layout of any table and it works without further modifications. I […]

Bullet Field

  BulletField is a solution to create a password field with bullets on a regular Filemaker layout. It is simple to setup and can be easily configured to match your own fields. The example supports: writing deleting switch to show/hide password   How it works: The user is shown a bullet field, in which he […]

User Management 4

UserManagement 4 is a solution to manage users and login procedures. Users are listed in a Filemaker table. Filemaker accounts are functional and per user group. User of the same group share the same settings. In the user table every user is assigned to a specific user group. Switching settings or groups can be done […]

DynamicNavigation 2

DynamicNavigation 2 is a table based navigation with a top navigation and a sub navigation to every top entry. The solution allows you “to go somewhere” and also “to do something” on the landing page. The basic idea is quite simple: Every line in the navigation table has a layout name and a script call. […]