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iOS Window Preview

  Overview Version 2 (2014-09-10) adds support for iPhone 6 and 6+ screen sizes. iOS Window Preview resizes the current window so the content area matches what would be available on an iPhone or iPad. This helps developers design layouts for iOS devices without constantly switching back-and-forth between a test device and a desktop development […]


  Overview #Parameters is a set of custom functions for serializing name-value pair (dictionary) data in Let Notation, such as for passing multiple parameters to a script. (If you aren’t familiar with Let Notation, it basically looks like the variable-setting part of a call to FileMaker’s Let function. FileMakerStandards.org documents the format and best practices.) […]

Virtual Sort

Overview Virtual Sort lets users sort records in FileMaker portals and found sets by any combination of fields they choose. This module includes custom functions that require a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced to install in another FileMaker file. The functions are not absolutely necessary, but I do strongly recommend them. Credits This module is […]

Virtual Value List

Overview Virtual Value List helps developers build transient value lists based on the contents of global variables. By basing value lists on global variables, developers can be spared most of the schema overhead associated with other techniques for value lists with programmatically specified values. This module extends techniques demonstrated by other developers by supporting arbitrarily […]

Local Backup

Overview Local Backup creates backups of non-hosted FileMaker solutions. Many developers work on files locally, not hosted by a server, by necessity or by choice. By doing so, they miss out on the backup features of FileMaker Server. This module gives developers a substitute backup mechanism. Credits This module is inspired by (copied from) solutions […]

Auto Quick Find

Overview Auto Quick Find is a single set of simple scripts that developers can use for find-as-you-type functionality in any context with minimal set-up. Unlike other existing approaches, this module improves perceived responsiveness by only performing finds during pauses in typing, so users don’t have to wait for find results after. Every. Keystroke. Dependencies Find […]