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Transform/create filesystem paths in various formats. Ever wondered if your filesystem paths are cross-platform compatible? Did you format it properly for FM export step? How about a plugin? Will forward slashes work on Windows? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, this module’s for you.


Custom function for generating a cross-platform compatible fmpurl for opening files and running scripts via the Open URL script step. This file mostly exists due to this bug and my wanting to do cross-platform testing to confirm I can open/close files and run scripts via fmpurl. Download or view it on GitHub


A modular open-source logging framework for FileMaker. Components Logger module: Provide an interface for logging. Call this module from any script you want to create a log entry from. Log Writer modules: Save log data to a single destination. Call Log Writers from the Logger module. Log Viewer modules: View log data. Provide a user […]


Automated system of verifying a plugin is installed and installing/updating if necessary. This system consists of two modules: PluginManager and PluginChecker. PluginManager is a stand-alone file that stores plugin container files and installs them. PluginChecker is a lightweight module that verifies a specified version of a plugin is installed and calls PluginManager to install it […]


Provides native support for JSON in FileMaker. It will parse JSON encoded text into a format that can easily be read via custom functions. It will also convert text encoded by custom functions into JSON.