Modular FileMaker is a project focused on building FileMaker Modules. We are currently calling them mFMs for “modular FileMaker Modules”

mFMs are hunks of organized FileMaker code that provide a particular “feature” or “function”.  A feature might be a Top Navigation Bar, an Error Handler, or Virtual Picker, anything feature that you would like to use over and over again.  mFM Modules are  are designed to be portable, testable, and maintainable.

mFMs follow a simple organizational pattern that starts with folders of scripts.  Dependencies are kept to minimum, and are clearly noted.  Efforts are made to keep unnecessary opinionated style and standards from spilling out of the modules.  A developer should be able to use an mFM module without adopting the entire FileMaker mindset of the person who developed the module in the first place.

“The first hurdle someone must clear is the idea of not being monolithic. Once that battle is won, the rest of the way is paved for you.”- Corn Walker –

mFMs take the opposite approach to the common practice of building large monolithic frameworks or templates.  We think its better to start smaller and keep things tight and focused.  That is not to say that one couldn’t use mFMs in a large monolithic framework, or that a large framework couldn’t be assembled out of mFMs. That would work just fine.  In fact the goal of this project is to make it easier to assemble large projects from chunks of pre-existing mFMs.


8 responses to “About”

  1. Josh Ormond says:

    As always Todd, looking forward to seeing the principles at work. Appreciate you sharing the work you and the others have been working on.

  2. Todd

    I would like to contribute some modules. I have a context free related record creator, document management and a few others. How do I get involved?


    • Todd Geist says:

      Hi Darren

      I will set you up with an account. It wordpress. Currently we just create a Blog Post and put it in the “modules” category. And that it’s it. 🙂


  3. Drew says:

    This stuff looks great, and I’d like to use it. We are using FM11, and that is not likely to change for some time (and, worse, I have no say in the matter). So my question is, are there FM11 (*.fp7) versions of the modules? The ones I’m most immediately interested in are MasterDetail, and therefore, also HyperList.

    Thanks, Drew

  4. Detlef says:

    Great contribution, thanks.

    …..sorry, seems that all download links are broken?

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