Browser Navigation now with multiple window support

As a result of a question from Jeremiah Hammond I have uploaded a new version with  support for multiple windows within the same file.  There are, however, a couple of caveats:

  • Windows names must be unique
  • Changing the name of a window will start a new history

Dealing with multiple windows does complicate the module somewhat and has resulted in two additional custom functions (still optional).  These have the additional benefit of allowing developers to customise the tooltips.

You may wonder why I wrote custom functions if they are not strictly required.  There are two reasons:

  • They make debugging much faster as I only have to make changes once.
  • I like the idea of being able to improve the module without editing every layout

The latest version also includes the ability to toggle the saving of layouts to the history by setting a global variable.

The original single window version has been in use with several developers for some time and is well tested.  This new version is less well tested so I have decided to keep both versions available for the time being.

Check it out

5 responses to “Browser Navigation now with multiple window support”

  1. Paul Jansen says:

    Just when I thought I have finished with this module, I get a request for a common history across multiple windows. I have added this capability for multiple windows of the same database file. I still need to address the issue of a common history across multiple files as global variables can’t really be used to store this history.
    I think I will make multi file support a separate version as it will require a substantially different approach. to history storage.

  2. Caroline Brebner says:

    Thank you for the custom function & the back & forward buttons. I have added this a database, and it works very nicely.

    I see you said you were going to make a multi file support. I was wondering if you have done that yet. I was thinking of adding to the script a variable to store the filename also & if that would navigate correctly between files & windows, but I suppose if it was that easy it would of been done.

  3. Paul Jansen says:

    Thank you for your kind words. The current version supports separate histories for multiple windows from a single database, but not a common history across multiple windows. This would probably be straightforward to add, but I don’t have need for it right now so it isn’t a priority.

    Having a common history across multiple database files will add considerable complexity as it requires $$$ variable – that is application level variables which FileMaker does not have natively. I think Application Variables is a module in it’s own right. I am in fact developing a new internal module for myself to provide this functionality which may become a mFM module if I think it is simple and robust enough.

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi Paul

    Your browser navigation module is very cool. I incorporated it in a solution with lots of layouts and I just could not live without it any more. Thank you!

    I have one request: I have a solution which contains layouts with list view (showing multiple records and layouts with form views, the latter showing only one specific record. Now you can’t get to that specific record again by using the navigational buttons – which you would expect in a browser-like environment. Would it be possible to save the RecordIDNumber together with the layout name and number? That way it would be possible to retrieve the specific record every time you get back to a layout in form view.

    I really appreciate this great module, thank you!

    • Paul Jansen says:


      Thanks for the kind words. Thanks for your suggestion. I considered saving the found set and decided it added too much complexity as I wanted to keep things simple and restoring large found sets may slow things down. Also do we then restore the sort order? I hadn’t considered saving individual IDs for Form View. Obviously this would affect the found set in List view, if the ‘saved’ record wan’t in the current found set any more. I will give this some thought…

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